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UPAGAME provides an all-in-one solution for coaches and players to analyse performance outcomes and to manage players’ development. Our system analyzes key indicators in the game and generates individualized reports and highlights.
The analytics are displayed in intuitive visual graphics, making it easy to access critical data about individual and team performance.
Report feedback enables players and coaches to keep track of their development and to focus on improvement.



UPAGAME is a sophisticated platform that merges sports expertise and scientific research with technology. UPAGAME technology transforms video data into key information dedicated to coaches and players to optimize their skills and performance. Our user-friendly interface makes the experience adaptable to every user around the world.
We invest in technology to apply sports science expertise into athletes performance development, at both individual and team level!

"We are very excited to sign this agreement with UPAGAME, a company with whom we share the vision to innovate and develop the best practices on players education"
Mike Potempa
SIMA General Director

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UPAGAME’s purpose is to globalize the access to sports performance analytics to every coach and player. We aim to develop partnerships  with sports organizations and to give a meaningful contribution to the sports community worldwide. Let’s talk!

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